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Assembly Title
Creation 1

Submitted by
A. Hay

Age Group

To think about the creation of the world
To appreciate Christmas as a new start

Faith Group

Costume - black outfits plus stage masks

Time of Year
Advent, Christmas

Other Details
Dialogue to be used as a springboard for improvised movement and action.

Darkness. God stands central with one spotlight.
All other actors crouch ready with masks.

GOD: In the beginning there was light!
Lights up.

And God created:

SUN: The Sun!
Leaps up holding Sun mask.

MOON: And the Moon!
Leaps up holding Moon mask.

GROUP 1:The fish of the seas.
Fish masks and movement.

GROUP 2: The birds of the air.
Bird masks and movement.

GROUP 3: And the beasts of the field.
Animal masks and movement.

GOD: And God saw that it was good.

All creatures happy together.

DEVIL: Appearing suddenly.
And then I 'created' discontent.

Creatures begin to quarrel.

GOD: And so God created Man and Woman...
He calls them from among the creatures.
... and gave them authority over all living things.
They move among the creatures who settle down.

DEVIL: And I tempted them to forbidden things.
Moves snake-like to offer the apple which they take.
So God cast them out.
He does so.

GOD: And they multiplied and their descendants spread over all the earth.

Actors put on masks of people, all races.

DEVIL: And they fought and became wicked...
They do so.
... and God wished he had never made them. He decided to destroy his creation and wash it from the face of the earth with floods.

Floods arise, the people panic and many drown.

GOD: But all were not evil. God chose to give mankind a second chance by saving a chosen few. He ordered Noah to build an ark and take the best to safety.

Noah, wife, sons and animals saved from drowning. Floods subside.

DEVIL: How long will that last? When the floods died down, the few who were left, spread out and multiplied all over again.

GOD: And God saw that it was good.

DEVIL: For a time. You'd given mankind two chances already. Now see MY 'creations'.

GROUP 1: Jealousy!

GROUP 2: Greed!

GROUP 3: Robbery!

GROUP 4: Terrorism!

GROUP 5: Racial hatred!

Groups enact their emotions.

DEVIL: Anarchy is more attractive than goodness.

GOD: No!
He quietens the groups.
People are good at heart. Perhaps it was not enough last time to save just a few. All should be given a chance.

DEVIL: All? This lot?

GOD: Why not?
Actors sit watching this debate.
People are like children, quarrelling where they do not understand.
Thinking aloud.
To teach them the way one teaches a child... as a child... through a child.
Why not?
So God gave mankind a third chance. He created a perfect baby...
Actors move quietly to form a Nativity tableau.
... that was part of himself.
As the child grew he would teach all mankind by his example.
God had every confidence that this time his creation would learn.

DEVIL: Third time lucky?

GOD: God trusts in man, not luck.

DEVIL: And is it working?

GOD: Looking at actors.
ls it?
They nod and begin to softly hum a hymn.
God turns to the audience.

Well, is it? It's up to you now. God gave you Christmas to remind you, every year, that this is your chance. Let all mankind live together in peace, as it should have been in the beginning.
He summons the actors forward to join him in a line, the Devil crouches at his feet.

CAROL: "Out of darkness" by Christopher Walker (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 591) or any appropriate Carol or Advent hymn

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