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Assembly Title
Ego and Spirit

Submitted by
D. Kimber

Age Group

Introduction to spiritual development - an assembly related to morals and values.

Faith Group
All religions

Calming music suggestions given
Chicken Soup for the soul - Jack Canfield
Meditation affirmations - Louise Hay

Time of Year

Other Details
This assembly may need to run over two weeks, depending on time available. Even with time it should be reinforced, before using the concept for other assemblies.

Stage 1: Introduction
Today's assembly is a difficult concept because we cannot see it or hold it.
It is about something we all have and, unlike our hair and unwanted finger nails, we cannot get rid of them. It is our ego and our spirit.

There are many things we can touch and see: buildings, people, trees, universe.

There are many things we know we can do, like swim or ride a bike.

But there are things we cannot touch like: love, hate, happiness, sadness.
We can say that a person is: loving, hateful, happy.
We can say that a person: has enormous ego or is inspired in spirit.

Stage 2: Story of twins in the mother's womb
Two twins in the mother's womb - one called Ego, the other Spirit.

Spirit: Ego, I believe in life after birth.

Ego: Don't be crazy - in the darkness of this space this is all there is. Forget such nonsense - just settle down and keep quiet - get on with your life.

Spirit: Don't get mad, Ego, but I also believe there is a Mother.

Ego: How can you be so absurd? You don't know what Mother is. You are alone with me. This is your reality. Don't be silly. Now go to your corner and pipe down.

Spirit becomes restless again.
Spirit: Ego, please listen to me.
What about the pressures we feel?
What about the things that happen to us that make us feel uncomfortable?
What about the feeling that our life is closing in on us?
I believe we are getting ready for a new life.
A life with glowing light.

Ego: Now I know you're mad.
You have never seen light so how do you know?
You have darkness. How can you contemplate such thoughts?
Forget it - this is your reality.

Spirit: This is the last time, Ego - I will never bother you again.
I not only believe we will see a glowing light, but I also believe we will meet our Mother.
And, we will come face to face with Mother and will experience ecstasy beyond anything you can imagine.

Stage 3: Reflection Music: Dream of Dolphins - Enigma

Stage 4: Message
How do we recognise ego and spirit?
Let me first say that we all have egos - I have an enormous one and I would like to control it.
We also have a spirit - Have you ever talked to yourself?

When did you last have an argument? Or fall out with friends? (That is your ego - It always wants to be right.)
When did you last get upset because you were not best in the class? (That is your ego - It always wants to be best.)
When did you last call someone names or put them down?
When were you nasty towards someone else? (That is your ego; it seeks conflict - it wants others to fail.)

Complete opposite.
It supports others.
It loves them.
It does not judge others, but merely accepts them.
It does not compare.

When you feel at peace, calm, loving. That is your spirit.
When you praise someone and make them feel good about themselves. When you help someone, that gives you an inner glow. That is your spirit.

Stage 5: Example: Chicken Soup for the Soul p.24 'Do it now'
Story of a father and son who had a disagreement and did not talk to each other for years. Discussion on egos.

Or: Describe egos through a scenario: Someone shouted rude words in class. Teacher identifies 3 students - One is never in trouble, but others are. - Which has strongest ego or strongest spirit?

Stage 6: Meditation: Music 'Healing Harp' 2-4 mins
Affirmations (To be read at suitable intervals)
1. My judgements prevent me from seeing good that lies beyond appearances.
2. I know that the very essence of my being and the way to transform my life is through love.

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 23-7-12.