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Assembly Title

Submitted by
S. Daly

Age Group

To appreciate our families
To look at Jesus's family
To learn about working together

Faith Group

Long list of rules, broom, hammer, nails, wood

1. Good morning.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

2. Today's Assembly is about families. In families, just like in school, there must be rules. We sometimes do not like rules, but rules make things run smoothly and fairly for everyone. They make our world a safer and happier place.

3. Usually, rules are made by adults, but we have a poem here about some children who made up some rules for their parents.
In the poem, some children are telling their parents that they must not go into the children's bedroom.


4. Parents, please note that from now on,
our room is a PARENT FREE ZONE.

5. There will be no spying,
under the pretence of tidying up.

6. There will be no banning of television programmes,
because our room is a tip.

7. No complaints about noise,
or remarks about the ceiling caving in.

8. No disturbing the dirty clothes,
that have festered in piles for weeks.

9. No removal of coffee cups,
where green mould has taken a hold.
These have been left there for scientific research purposes.

10. No reading of letters,
to gain unauthorised information,
which may be used against us at a later date.

11. No searching through school bags,
to discover if we've done our homework,
or to unearth forgotten notes.

12. Our room is a PARENT FREE ZONE
and a notice is pinned to the door.

13. But just a minute,
there's something wrong...

ALL: Mum, why haven't you made our beds?


14. The children had fun making up rules for their parents, but at the end they realised that they need their parents.
The parents also need their children.
If the parents and children work together, their home will be a happy place.

15. Jesus lived in a family too.
Let us think about the home that Jesus lived in.

(Three children mime.)

Here is Mother Mary sweeping the floor...
Here is Stepfather Joseph hammering nails in his workshop...
Here is Jesus watching and learning and helping...

Jesus lived in a busy home, where there were lots of jobs to do.

16. Jesus and his parents had quiet times together, when they prayed to God.
They had noisy times, when they went on special outings.
They had exciting times, when they had special meals.
They had sad times, when someone was ill.

17. Our families do all these things too.
Thank you for our families, Lord,
for families who love us very much, whatever happens.
Help our families to be happy ones. Amen.

18. Sometimes families are not happy though. This is when we could ask God for his help.
Father, forgive us when we argue in our families.
Help us not to be critical of each other.
Help us to see our own faults, before we see the faults of others. Amen.

19. Jesus told us that the most important rule is "Love one another, just as I have loved you." If we try to do this, our families will be happy.
Lord, we first learn about your love from those who love us and care for us.
Thank you for our parents, and for those who show us your goodness and gentleness. Bless all families everywhere. Amen.

20. We will now sing "Bind us together" by Bob Gillman. (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 80)

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 17-7-12.