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Assembly Title
Good Leaders

Submitted by
S. Daly

Age Group

To consider the qualities of a good leader

Faith Group

Time of Year

1. Confucius was famous throughout China, for his wisdom. He was so clever that eventually he was made Mayor of the city of Chang-tu.
People soon noticed that he was a good leader. He was kind to the people who worked for him. He was also strict, but fair. His servants liked him, respected him and worked hard for him.
One day, his friend Hsia called to see him. He was interested in the people who worked for Confucius. He asked Confucius about four of them.

HSIA: What sort of person is Yen Hui?

CONFUCIUS: He is a kinder man than I am.

HSIA: What do you think of Kung?

CONFUCIUS: He's a better speaker than I am.

HSIA: What about Lu?

CONFUCIUS: He is braver than I am.

HSIA: And what sort of man is Chang?

CONFUCIUS: He is more dignified than I am.

1. Hsia was puzzled.

HSIA: If these men are better than you, why are they your servants?
You should be their servant.

CONFUCIUS: It's quite simple.
Yen Hui is kind, but sometimes kindness alone is not enough. A good leader sometimes has to do things which will upset some people.
Kung is a wonderful speaker, but does not know when to stop.
Lu is brave, but sometimes he acts quickly, without thinking. This makes him do foolish things. Sometimes it is best to be careful and move slowly. Indeed, sometimes it is better to do nothing at all.
Chang is dignified, but he cannot relax. We all need to relax and forget our worries at times.
A good leader should have all the qualities shown by these men. A good leader should be kind, a good speaker, brave and dignified.
He should have all these qualities, but in the right amounts. Just like when you bake a cake - you must have all the right ingredients, flour, eggs, sugar etc., but you must have them in the right amounts or the cake will be no good.

2. Father, we need good leaders in our country and in our world. Give us wise, strong and good leaders who will help make the world a better place. Amen.

3. Father, we need people who know how to follow good leaders. Make us wise enough to accept good advice when it is offered to us. Amen.

4. Father, we thank you for sending us your son Jesus to lead us.
Help us to realise that following Jesus is not just something to talk about - it is something to do. Amen.

5. We will now sing "Follow me" by Michael Cockett. (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 175)

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 17-7-12.