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Assembly Title
Jesus Sends Out The 72

Submitted by
C. Smith

Age Group

To understand the message of Jesus as seen from the disciples' point of view.

Faith Group

Time of Year
Any, but fits in with 'Special People' topic in Here I Am scheme of work 4 (Y5/6) (Spring Term)

Other Details
Children's names are inserted in the relevant places.
Scripture Links: Luke 10:1-10 & John 8:1-11

Reader: Good Morning and welcome to CSTV.

Reader 1: After Jesus chose the 12 Apostles, the Lord chose 72 other people. He sent them out in pairs. He sent them ahead of him into every town and place where he planned to go.

Reader 2: He said to them, ‘There are a great many people to harvest. Tell them, “The Kingdom of God is coming to you soon.”.’

Reader 3: In one of those other towns, in the market square, a weekly chat show was taking place:

Interviewer: Good morning and welcome to another edition of ‘Meet the Disciple’. Last week you may remember that we had a disciple of John the Baptist. This morning we have a disciple of another special person. Please welcome (child's name).

Crowd: [applause]

Interviewer: Welcome. Come and sit down. First of all, tell us who you are a disciple of.

Guest: I am a disciple of Jesus.

Interviewer: For those in our audience who don’t know, could you please tell us: who is Jesus?

Guest: Jesus is the Lord of All.

Interviewer: The Lord of All. I think that our live music this morning have a song about a king. Please welcome ‘S Club 22’

Crowd: [applause]

Song: Who’s the King of the Jungle?

Interviewer: Thank you and that will be released next week. We were talking about Jesus, who, we have just heard is the ‘king of the Jungle, the sea, the universe and me.’ Jesus has sent his disciples out in pairs and let us now introduce (child's name).

Crowd: [applause]

Interviewer: Welcome. Now, I understand that you have been sent on a mission from Jesus.

Guest 2: That’s right. We have been sent to tell the world about the Good News.

Interviewer: I hear good news every day. What’s so special about Jesus’ Good News?

Guest 2: Jesus says that the Spirit of God is with him. He has been sent to tell the prisoners of sin that they are free and the gates of Heaven are going to be opened.

Interviewer: Well, I think that we are now quite clear about Jesus’ Good News. It sounds like this Jesus is a pretty amazing man.

Guest: He is. He has taught us how to pray in a special way. We would like to bring in some of our friends to lead some prayers for you.

Reader 4: Dear Lord,
Thank you for sending your Son to bring us the Good News. May we bring Good News to all those around us.
Lord, hear us,

Crowd: Lord, graciously hear us.

Reader 5: Dear Lord,
We ask that your love may be near all those who are suffering at this time. Help us to see those in need and bring the good news to them by the things we say and do.
Lord, hear us.

Crowd: Lord, graciously hear us.

Reader 6: Dear Lord,
Help us to always remember that you are near us and that we can turn to you when we are in need.
Lord, hear us.

Crowd: Lord, graciously hear us.

Reader 7: Dear Lord,
We pray for all those people who follow you. Give them strength and courage to always put their faith in you.
Lord, hear us.

Crowd: Lord, graciously hear us.

Reader 8: The Lord also taught us to pray in a special way to God, who is our father in heaven.
Our Father, who art in heaven...

Interviewer: Well, thank you very much for those wonderful prayers. We have just got news in that Jesus is in the temple in Jerusalem and I believe that our reporter (child's name) has a special report. (Child's name) could you tell us what has been going on?

Reporter: Yes, we have just seen an unusual event here in the temple. This woman was brought here to be stoned to death as a punishment for her sins.

Interviewer: But, I can see that did not happen as she is still with you.

Reporter: That is right. Could you tell us what happened?

Woman: Jesus told the people that any person who had never sinned could throw the first stone at me. All the people left. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I thought that it was the end for me.

Reporter: We also have one of the people who brought this woman to Jesus. (Child's name), how do you feel after these events?

Witness: I am aware that none of us is perfect and so we do not have the right to judge other people’s mistakes. I will try in the future to try to make myself right before I try to correct others.

Reporter: Thank you. Do you feel that Jesus understood you?

Witness: Yes, better than I know myself in some ways.

Woman: He told me to never sin again, and I never will.

Reporter: Well, there you have it: Forgiveness for all people. (Child's name), CSTV, Jerusalem.

Interviewer: Thank you for that live broadcast. Well, (child's name) and (child's name), we have just seen for ourselves what an unusual message it is that Jesus is teaching. Just before we finish, if you could sum up Jesus's message in one word, what would that one word be?

Guest 2: That’s easy. Jesus's message is one of love. Love for God, love for each other and love for ourselves. We are all special people and God loves each one of us.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. I’d like to thank you (child's name) and (child's name) for being our guests this morning and for S Club 22 for their wonderful music. To finish with, they are going to sing us a hit from their last album, ‘O, Lord, I want to Sing your Praises.’ A song which, I feel, sums up our feelings towards our God.

Song: O, Lord I want to Sing your Praises.

Interviewer: We would like to thank all our viewers for joining us today and hope that you will join us next week when we meet the boy who had the 5 loaves and 2 fishes which fed 5000 people! Good-bye!

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 18-7-12.