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Assembly Title
Jesus as a Boy

Submitted by
S. Daly

Age Group

To hear about the life of Jesus as a boy and how it influenced his adult life
To understand that Jesus was once a child

Faith Group

Brush, bread

Time of Year
Any, or near Christmas

Other Details
Children can mime the part of the animals in this assembly

Good morning, In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
We usually think of Jesus as a man who died on the cross for us.
But today we are going to think about him as a boy.
He was once a little child, like us.
He worked and played like us.
He felt happy and sad like us.
Here is a story about him as a little boy.

2. Miriam and Jude got up early. The sky was so red and angry-looking, that their father said,

FATHER: There's going to be a storm, I'm sure. The fishermen will have trouble today.

2. The two children were disappointed. They were good children, but they wanted to play. They had worked hard all week. Their mother had gone to the well to fetch water. She would be gone for a long time. The children knew that she liked to talk to her friends there. Miriam and Jude really wanted to walk along to Joseph the carpenter's house. Their father let them go. He knew they could find shelter if there was a storm. When they got there, they saw Joseph and Jesus outside. They had been busy that week and were now sweeping up.
The two children asked,

MIRIAM AND JUDE: Can Jesus come out to play?

JOSEPH: Yes. There's not much work today. Run along, son, and have a good time with your friends. You've worked hard this week. You deserve a break. Don't go too far, in case you get lost, though.

3. The three children walked away from the village. There was a hen in the road, with all her chickens, pecking up grain. When she saw the children, she clucked a loud warning - and the chickens rushed to hide under her wings.
Jude said,

JUDE: There's a cockerel near us that's always crowing loudly.

4. They passed by some sheepfolds. Shepherds were sitting at the entrances, keeping the wolves away. One shepherd had been out all night, looking for a lost sheep. They saw him coming home, tired but happy, carrying the relieved, little lamb.
Miriam said,

MIRIAM: He's a good shepherd.

5. Next, they passed by some vineyards. The vines in the vineyards were growing well, but the ones by the side of the road were in a sorry state.
Jesus said,

JESUS: You only get good grapes if the vines are pruned.

6. They stopped to look at some golden cornfields.

MIRIAM: Our dad will have to find lots of men, to help him to bring in the harvest.

JUDE: And look at all those different weeds in amongst the corn.

JESUS: Now it's harvest time, they can gather the corn and burn the weeds.

6. The children sat down for a while. They enjoyed resting and watching.
Suddenly, they saw a fox slink by, on its way to the hen house. That worried them, but they knew the farmer would do his best to protect the hens.
Miriam began to pick some flowers.
Jude watched the little sparrows, scratching about under the bushes.

JUDE: Lucky things! They don't have to work like we do.

JESUS: God looks after them.

7. Then it began to rain.

MIRIAM: Let's hurry home.

JESUS: Yes, quickly. The rain will fall on us, and soak us to the skin, whether we're good or naughty.

7. So they ran back to Jesus's house. Mary his mother had just baked some bread. It was lovely and hot and crispy. She gave some to the hungry children.

8. Later, when Jesus was a man, he remembered all the things he had seen on his walk. He told stories about them, when teaching people about God his father. The stories were written down by his friends: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We can read them in the Bible today.

9. When Jesus was a boy, he prayed like we do. This is one of the prayers he used to say every morning:
"I will love the Lord my God
with all my heart
and with all my soul
and with all my strength."

10. Here is another prayer he used to say:
"I give myself into your hands,
O Lord my God.
Keep me safe,
Because you are my rock and my refuge."

11. When he was a man, Jesus taught his friends the Lord's Prayer. Let us now say it together: Our Father...

12. We will now sing "I saw the grass" by Estelle White (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 283)
or - if near Christmas - "Jesus Christ, little Lord" by Roger Humphrey (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 324)

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 18-7-12.