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Assembly Title

Submitted by
S. Daly

Age Group

To hear about shared meals in the Bible
To appreciate the value of Holy Communion

Faith Group

Table, white cloth, candles, flowers, bread, unconsecrated Host, spoon, plate

Time of Year
The Feast of Corpus Christi (May or June depending on the date of Easter).

Today's assembly is about meals. We are close to the Feast of Corpus Christi, the body of Christ. At this time, we remember the special privilege of sharing Jesus's body in Holy Communion.

2. Which is the most important piece of furniture in your dining room? Of course - it is the table around which the family sits for meals. It is at the family table that we learn how to be well-behaved members of the family.

CHILD: When I was a baby, I had to have a special chair. I had to be fed. My table manners were not good. My habits were rather messy. Gradually, I learned to eat without throwing my food about, or banging my spoon on my plate, or shouting out my demands.

3. At the family meal, we don't just eat. We talk, we listen, we serve and help each other. We share. A shared meal is a sign of love. To invite someone to share our family meal is to share our love.

4. There are many stories in the Bible about meals being shared. For example, when Jesus fed the five thousand. (Read Mark 6:30-43)

5. God invites us to be part of this homely, happy friendship. He gives us Jesus, to share our: thoughts, hopes, fears and plans - to be a brother and friend with whom we can share meals

6. Jesus, for his part, invites us to his Father's family table. He says,

JESUS: Come! The banquet is ready.

6. When we go to Mass, there the white cloth is spread. There the lights and flowers reflect the warmth and joy of God's love. There is the bread and the wine.
The holy food there, the food of life, is Jesus himself

7. God, we thank you for inviting us to your table, where Jesus your Son breaks bread with us, shows us his love and friendship and asks for ours in return.
Lord in your goodness...

ALL: Hear our prayer.

8. We thank God for the bread of life.
We thank God for the cup of life.
We thank God for the food he gives us.
Lord in your goodness...

ALL: Hear our prayer.

9. We pray for all the people who are making their first Holy Communion this year.
We pray that they will continue to go to Church and receive God's body and
Lord in your goodness...

ALL: Hear our prayer.

10. We pray for people who are hungry. We will try not to be greedy and not to waste food. Please help us to share our food.
Lord in your goodness...

ALL: Hear our prayer.

11. We will now sing "This is My Body" by Jimmy Owens and Damian Lundy. (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 730)

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 22-7-12.