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Assembly Title
Messengers Mass

Submitted by
D. Thomas

Age Group

To celebrate the beginning of term
To link with the Messengers/Witnesses topic (Here I Am)

Faith Group
Christian (Roman Catholic)

Mass Requisites
Cross with white cloth

Time of Year

Here I Am Theme - Messengers / Witnesses (Pentecost)

Introduction Hymn:  'Alleluia... give thanks to the risen Lord' (Hymns Old And New 14)

Greeting  Celebrant
Welcome to our beginning of term Mass. The theme of this Mass is about being brave and sharing our faith with other people.
At Easter, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. We learnt about how He came back to life after He had been put to death on the cross.
The new life that we celebrate at Easter is a thing to be shared with other people.
The Church remembers many brave people who risked their lives and often put up with many hardships because of their faith in Jesus.
We too are called to share our faith with others. Sometimes this can be difficult to do because we don't know what to say or do.

Penitential Rite  Celebrant
To help us to bring the good news of Jesus more effectively to others, let us first think about the things that we need to say sorry for.

First Reading   2 Corinthians 5: 17-20   Living a new life (the witness of St. Paul)

Psalm (& Response)  Psalm 97 (98)

Sung Gospel acclamation

Gospel  Luke 24: 13-35  The meeting on the Emmaus Road  Celebrant

Homily  Celebrant

Bidding Prayers (see below)

Offertory Hymn   
Procession  'Blest are you Lord God of all Creation'  (HOAN 67)

Liturgy of the Eucharist  Celebrant
Communion Hymn 'He is Lord' (HOAN 206)

Blessing and Dismissal  Celebrant

Final Hymn 'Easter Jubilation'

Bidding Prayers

1) Let us now pray to God for our needs and for the needs of the world.
Lord hear us.

2) We pray for Pope Benedict and for all Christian leaders - May they help to make Jesus known throughout the world.
Lord hear us.

3) We pray for all those who suffer for their faith today. May they find peace in their difficulties and help others to think about Jesus.
Lord hear us.

4) We give thanks for all of the people who have told us about their faith in Jesus. May their example encourage us to share our faith with others.
Lord hear us.

5) Let us now spend a few moments in silent prayer as we think about those people or situations in our own lives that are in need of our prayers.

(wait a few seconds)

Lord hear us.

6) One of the first people to meet the risen Christ was His mother Mary. May we share in her joy at His resurrection as we say
Hail Mary full of grace...

S. Daly 2000

Last updated 26-7-12.