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Assembly Title

Submitted by
S. Daly

Age Group

To appreciate what we have
To appreciate God's creations

Faith Group

A toy treasure chest with the following objects which a child produces at the appropriate time: a small branch with leaves, water, a photograph of some friends or a class photo, some toys, toy animal, book, flowers, bucket and spade, picnic basket

Other Details
Children could suggest their own treasures for the middle section of this assembly.

Good morning. Today's assembly is about 'Treasures'.
We are going to think about all the things that are precious to us, the things that are our treasures.
The world is like a huge treasure chest. God made it and filled it for us - with treasures like: trees, mountains, waterfalls, friends.
God wants us to enjoy the treasure, but we also have to look after it.
Think about what your treasure is. If you are not sure, listen to what Jesus said,

JESUS: Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
(Matthew 6.21)

1. This means that if you love someone or something, that is your treasure.

The response is "We thank you, heavenly Father."
For our own special belongings - our toys and games and all the fun and laughter we enjoy together.

3. For our own pets and all tame animals that give us so many happy hours.

4. For story books that we like so much and pictures we look at over and over again.

5. For the treasures of flowers in our gardens, fun by the seaside and picnics in the country.

6. For all these treasures we thank you, heavenly Father.
Help us to look after them and to share them whenever we can.

7. Those are all earthly treasures. Jesus also described heaven as a treasure - a treasure so wonderful that people will give up everything else to get it. He said,

JESUS: The Kingdom of Heaven is like this. A man happens to find a treasure hidden in a field. He covers it up again, and is so happy that he goes and sells everything he has, and then goes back and buys that field.
(Matthew 13.44)

8. This means that we should be prepared to make sacrifices to get to heaven. We cannot always have what we want on earth, but heaven is there waiting for all of us.
The best treasure of all is God's love for us and there is enough of that for everyone.

9. O God, the giver of all gifts, we thank you for all the many blessings that we have. Give us always contented minds, cheerful hearts and a generous spirit, so that we may share your good gifts with others. Amen.

10. Around us, when I look,
God's handiwork I see.
This world is like a picture book
To teach His name to me.

We will now say the prayer Jesus taught us. Our Father...

11. Now we will sing "Thank you for giving me the Morning" by van der Haas and van Lelyveld (Celebration Hymnal for Everyone number 685)

S. Daly 2000

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